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The choice of material is crucial in blending with the regional characteristics. After analyzing the local material characteristics in the village we found large amounts of locally sourced wooden sticks piled around each house. The villagers gather these sticks all year round to fuel their cooking stoves. Thus we decided to use this ordinary material in an extraordinary way, cladding the At nearly 1,900 square feet, Liyuan Library is a box made of firewood and glass, and the walls a matrix of branches picked nearby so that the building blends into the landscape.

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Architecture Commons. Share . COinS . Enter search terms: Select context to search: Advanced Search Notify me via email or RSS; Links. 434M Fall 2018 Digital Exhibit Liyuan Library in Beijing 2013-07-25 01:00 By ( Liyuan Library in Huairou district of Beijing [Photo by Cui Meng/China Daily] Liyuan Library is situated near Zhihui Valley in Jiaojiehe Village in the Huairou District of Beijing.

Try your first month free, then three months for just £  Located on the outskirts of Beijing, the single-story Liyuan Library houses its collection of books within a chunky timber frame. Stepped platforms integrate  12 Oct 2014 The Liyuan Library on the outskirts of Beijing in the winner of the first $100,000 Moriyama RAIC International Prize. Share: Reddit  5 Jun 2017 Liyuan Library was designed and built by Li Xiaodong, an architecture professor at Tsinghua University in 2011.

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Liyuan library

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Liyuan Library was designed in 2011 by architect Li Xiaodong, who won an international prize for the building in 2014. The library is run by volunteers and currently has around 30,000 books. The first batch of 7,000 books, which came from Li and his friends, were all originals. Liyuan Library by Li Xiaodong Wins Moriyama RAIC International Prize This past weekend, on Raymond Moriyama's 85th birthday, the celebrated architect introduced the winner of the inaugural $100,000 prize established with hopes of elevating Canada's — and the world's — architectural aspirations. The Liyuan Library is in a blessed location and uses this feature to its fullest.
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Liyuan library

Having observed piles of twigs stacked outside villagers’ houses to fuel their cooking stoves, the architect decided to use this ordinary material in an extraordinary way, to clad the building’s steel-framed glass facades and roof. Vídeo que mostra a biblioteca Liyuan do arquiteto Li Xiaodong por dentro e por fora e seus croquis.O projeto implantado em um pequeno vilarejo chamado Huairo Liyuan library is about 80 km north from Beijing downtown. My family visited the library in a weekend tripe.

As one living in the crowded urban area, I was attracted by the idea that there is a library in the rural valley, as its Chinese name is Liyuan ShuWu(book house), sounds like a traditional school. Biblioteca Liyuan Liyuan Library Jiaojiehe, Huairou (China) Cliente Client.
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With no electricity, the library depends on natural light pouring through, giving readers t Liyuan Library in Beijing 2013-07-25 01:00 By ( Liyuan Library in Huairou district of Beijing [Photo by Cui Meng/China Daily] Linköping University Library. See opening hours, search for articles, books and journals and follow us on social media.

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The building is 170 square meters in area, with a main room 30 meters long, 4.35 meters wide, and 6.3 meters tall.